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Meet Indonesia Cinnamon

Indonesia is rich with spice diversity. Some of the commodity spices that are traded in the international market is cinnamon. There are different types of cinnamon that originate from and grow in different places. And they all taste a bit different from one another. There are four kinds of cinnamon: Ceylon, Cassia, Saigon, and Korintje. Indonesia is the chief producer of cassia cinnamon, a sharp scented, spicy, smells pretty strong and quite a bitter type.

Indonesian cinnamon with its pungent-sweet taste has proven its quality which is recognized by the international market and complaints on its quality are very rare. The aromatic reputation of Indonesian cinnamon has made it as favorite in the global market although many countries have strict cinnamon standards.

In general cinnamon is used for food seasoning, beverages and perfumes. Beside that cinnamon can be used to improve your health, it’s said can control blood sugar, relieve headaches for rheumatic patients, and prevent infection.

Cinnamon can be processed into a cinnamon powder and bar. Usually, the taste and aroma of cinnamon powder is sharper than cinnamon bars. However, cinnamon powder can not last long because the cinnamon powder is easily damaged and the cinnamon aroma will be bland.

The majority of Indonesian cinnamon products are exported to the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, India, South Korea, Japan and Singapore. Which is sold in stick, broken, and powder forms. Cinnamon from Indonesia is rich in aroma n flavor, have specific color, thickness and form of quills.

We provide best Cinnamon that grows well in many parts of Indonesia such as Java, Sumatra, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara and Papua. For any update for price and order for Indonesia cinnamon you can contact us through email (WP)


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