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Welcome Indonesia RCN 2021

Indonesia is the 7th largest producer in the world for Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN). The production has picked up over the decade, when it doubled from 30 000 to 60 000 tonnes. Indonesia is also a major supplier for the world’s largest exporter, Vietnam and India for further processing. Almost 75% of Indonesia RCN exported to Vietnam and followed by India 25% in 2020(Sources: ITC calculations based on BPS-Statistics Indonesia statistics).

We sincerely hope you manage to get beneficial trade deals with Indonesian exporters of cashew nut like us, PT. AVA because we source the highest quality raw materials from across the country from regions known for the best quality for cashew nuts. We have cultivated strong relationships, over years of partnership, with hundreds of local farmers and suppliers and our professional staff are well trained in enforcing strict quality criteria when making purchases. Our company’s strong local reputation allows us to procure large volumes of commodities at competitive prices and credit terms. Together with a tightly integrated logistics network we are able to ensure efficient dispatch of our products to customers worldwide. We are well versed with customs regulations worldwide and can provide any and all export documentation, packing and marking required by customers.(WP)


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